IT Hit Active Directory Address Book CardDAV Server Features

Functions entirely over HTTP/HTTPS

IT Hit AD Address Book CardDAV Server runs entirely over HTTP/HTTPS, no need to open any extra ports.

Keep Skype, birth date, alternative addresses, etc in Active Directory

AD Address Book stores instant messengers, multiple addresses, all kinds of dates such as birth date, anniversary, etc, as well as any other custom vCard data in Active Directory. All data is stored in AD, so you do not need to take care about backup / restore of your additional fields.

Store thumbnail, logo and sound in Active Directory

AD Address Book stores and updates thumbnail, image and sound in Active Directory fields. It automatically re-sizes and shrinks image if required to the recommended Active Directory size for optimal performance.

No Active Directory customization is required

AD Address Book is using only standard Active Directory attributes, no AD schema customization is required.

Access and Edit your AD contacts when you are offline

Access and edit your Active Directory users and contacts when you are offline, seamlessly sync updated contacts back to AD.

Work With Your AD Contacts from Your Favorite E-mail or Contacts App

CardDAV standard is supported by many desktop and mobile applications, eliminating the need to deploy client software or study any new UI. In most cases you just need to point your phone or favorite e-mail app to the required CardDAV address book.