With AD Address Book CardDAV Server you keep all contacts data in Active Directory, enabling centralized backup/restore or your contacts and synchronization with mobile and desktop applications within your company.

Sync Your Active Directory Contacts with
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Edit and Instantly Search Contacts When You are Offline

Your corporate contacts are always with you, and if you need to update any info or add new contacts to be shared with colleges, you can do it any time, even when you are offline.

In your phone address book or in your e-mail application you can search your Active Directory users and contacts lightning-fast.

Keep Skype, Image, Birth Date, Addresses, etc. in AD

IT Hit AD Address Book CardDAV Server keeps instant messengers, thumbnail, birth date, anniversary, as well as any other custom contacts data in Active Directory. You even do not need to customize your AD schema!

The CardDAV Server automatically processes contact thumbnail for optimal AD performance.

Manage AD Contacts from Your Favorite App

CardDAV standard is supported by many desktop and mobile applications. In many cases you just need to point your phone or favorite e-mail app to the required CardDAV address book.

The CardDAV and vCard standards provide excellent means for two-way synchronization that is built into iOS, OS X and many e-mail clients.