IT Hit Active Directory Address Book CardDAV Server Release History

v1.0.1.403 Release

June 25, 2015
  • The product is now provided with a free license by default located in \App_Data\ folder.
  • If evaluation license is expired, the license is corrupted or if not enough licenses detected, as well as in case of other licensing errors a single vCard object with error description is returned.
  • A link to "how to connect to CardDAV address book" in administrative application in address book description is fixed.

v1.0.1.341 Beta 1

June 17, 2015
  • If one of the domains in Active Directory was inaccessible an exception was thrown. Now users and contacts only for domains that returned items successfully are returned. The log entry about failed domain is written  to \App_Data\WebDav\Logs\WebDAVLog.txt
  • Items located in the root domain failed to update. Now this bug is fixed.
  • Latest IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine for .Net and IT Hit vCard libraries are referenced.

v1.0.1.280 Beta 1

May 15, 2015
  • Now server can aggregate contacts from Active Directory domains sub-tree, querying every domain separately to get all required contacts details.
  • Creating new contacts and updating users and contacts is now supported in all major scenarios including on OS X, iOS and Bynari.
  • Updating contacts is now supported for contacts that originate from Active Directory sub-domains.
  • Performance significantly improved.
  • Adding and updating addresses did not work in Bynari WebDAV Collaborator Outlook plugin. Bynari submits incorrect ADR field. Now workaround is implemented.
  • Creating several accounts on OS X is now supported. User can add extra characters after user name separated with space.
  • Debug logging improved. Security information is not logged, LDAP queries time, filter and root is logged.
  • Unused images removed, download size reduced.

v1.0.0.214 Alpha

April 23, 2015
  • Initial CardDAV server implementation is provided.